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Butler's Pantry

House Plans with Butlers Pantries
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Daylight Basement

The leading website for daylight basement house plans. Filter by size (e.g. 1500-2000 sq. ft.), style (e.g. farmhouse, ranch), amenity (e.g. garage) and more.
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Home Office

House Plans with Offices
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House Plans with Basement

House Plans with Basement
House Design - Craftsman Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #929-986

House Plans with Elevator

It’s smart to think ahead and include an elevator (or space for one via stacking closets that can become an elevator shaft later) if you’re planning on aging in place in your home, or if you anticipate an elderly relative coming to live with you. Accessibility is a key component of Universal Design and aging in place, especially for disabled individuals in wheelchairs or with walkers. Whether you’re interested in Universal Design, or you’re just interested in making everyday living easier, our collection of house plans with elevators is definitely worth checking out. An elevator works especially well for a multilevel home built on a narrow lot, where you may want two or even three stories to maximize the land. Another smart use of an elevator is for vacation homes in scenic waterfront locations, where the top floors have the best views. Ride the elevator up to the rooftop with appetizers in hand and enjoy the coastal views from above. Need to make modifications for ADA compliance or other accessibility issues? Our modification department can help.
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House Plans with Fireplace

What’s the easiest way to add drama and focus to your living room? A fireplace! These floor plans all deliver at least one cozy fireplace, and some have more. Outdoor fireplaces make a porch, patio, or lanai usable in multiple seasons, especially if the space is screened. In some traditional designs, an intimate room with a fireplace near the kitchen is called a hearth room and invites cozy chats with friends over a cup of tea. You’ll even find some homes with fireplaces adding romance to the master suite. Love creating warm ambiance during the holidays? Consider a floor plan with the fireplace in the great room. For extra drama, a two-sided, three-sided, or see-through fireplace creates a dazzling focal point. Gas fireplaces are easy to use and maintain, but some homeowners may prefer the alluring crackle of a real wood fireplace. Electric models add versatility for use in many rooms. For a more eco-friendly choice, consider a fireplace that uses ethanol. Explore this hot collection to find your perfect match.
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House Plans with Inlaw Suite

Our loved ones are living longer, healthier lives and wish to maintain a flexible and independent lifestyle, but the burden of living alone is often too stressful. Traditionally, and in many countries today, several generations of family live under one roof and depend on each other for care. The grandparents often help raise the young children, and the adults help the grandparents through their elder years. This interdependence builds strong family bonds and teaches children family values. If you have (or will have) multiple generations living under your roof, our collection of house plans with inlaw suite (sometimes called house plans with mother in law suites, mother in law suite plans or in-law suite floor plans) is a great place to start your search for the perfect house plan. An in-law suite (sometimes called a granny flat or mother-in-law unit) is the perfect solution to provide privacy and independence while maintaining close proximity to loved ones. Zoning laws vary from city to city, but in some locations a detached building is permissible and can house the in-law suite, which may include a kitchenette, living room, laundry area, and more. In-law suites can be apartments above a detached garage, separate suites at the rear of the house, or simply an extra bedroom and bathroom on the first or second floor. We also have a collection of tiny homes, many of which would make excellent accessory dwelling units in a backyard. Another option could be a separate apartment on the lower level or an entire wing devoted to the in-law suite. At a minimum, a house plan with inlaw suite should provide a private bedroom and bathroom with easy access. Some in law suite floor plans will even have a private kitchen and living room, and perhaps a balcony or a patio on a lower-level apartment. An in-law suite may also be used to house older children (like a returned college student) or, depending on local laws, be used for rental income.
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House Plans with Master BR Upstairs

Master bedrooms located on the second floor enjoy certain advantages: they’re generally more private, are positioned to take advantage of a view lot, and are close enough to kids’ rooms to keep an eye out. This configuration also lets you keep the footprint of the house compact, ideal for building on a small lot. Just be sure to consider accessibility in the future – perhaps by choosing a house plan with an elevator or one with two master suites (you can switch to the downstairs one later).
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House Plans with Master Suite on Main Level

Floor plans designed with the master suite on the main level are both convenient and a good long-term investment, since they make aging in place easier. With the master suite downstairs, it's easier to get around, especially after kids. Another advantage of placing the master on the main is the possibility of reducing energy use. Empty nesters who have the house to themselves on a day-to-day basis may choose to only heat or cool the main level so extraneous energy is not wasted in unused portions of the house. Many contemporary and modern plans are designed with the master suite on the main level. If built on a sloping lot, there might be a lower level that is used for entertainment space or additional bedrooms. Alternatively, an upper floor could house the secondary bedrooms and baths. In these scenarios, you may consider an elevator to make getting around easier. And just because the master suite is on the main level doesn't mean you have to give up privacy; choose a plan with a private foyer to buffer the bedroom from public view. Some plans even place the master suite in its own wing for even more privacy.
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House Plans with Open Floor Plan

Most homes built within the past ten years have been designed with an open floor plan, catering to a more relaxed, but busy lifestyle. Homeowners tend to entertain less formally and with a hectic schedule, and they want to spend quality time with family members and guests. The kitchen is typically open to the great room, with an island or bar delineating the space and allowing a spot for children to do homework or guests to chat with the cook. Sometimes a formal dining room is eliminated entirely, with a large breakfast nook with space for a big table serving as the family eating area. Auxiliary rooms designed for organization and convenience, such as a butler's pantry, craft room, mud room, or home office, are important with today's lifestyle and are usually sited adjacent to the main living area. With an open floor plan, the master suite may be privately situated on the main level with a luxury bathroom and private patio to the rear. Secondary bedrooms may also be on this level or upstairs with additional areas such as a bonus room or a home theater. Outdoor living areas offer more space to relax and entertain. Although an open plan is especially associated with very modern designs, all kinds of styles are now being built with free-flowing layouts. Vaulted ceilings, large expanses of windows, and generous outdoor living areas create a more open feeling in today's house plans.
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House Plans with Walkout Basement

Building on a hillside or a sloped lot? A walkout basement gives you another level of space for sleeping, recreation, and access to the outdoors. Some of these walkout basement house plans include wet bars that will allow guests to fix their own drinks or kids to pop their own popcorn while watching movies downstairs. All sizes and styles of home are represented in this collection of walkout basement plans so you can find the floor plan with walkout basement that’s right for you. For related designs, check out the collections of floor plans for a sloped lot and mountain house plans.
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House Plans with Mudrooms
House Design - Farmhouse Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #430-277

Vaulted Ceilings

House Plans with Vaulted Ceilings