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Floor Plans with Indoor Elevators

It’s smart to think ahead and include an elevator (or space for one via stacking closets that can become an elevator shaft later) if you’re planning on aging in place in your home, or if you anticipate an elderly relative coming to live with you. Accessibility is a key component of Universal Design and aging in place, especially for disabled individuals in wheelchairs or with walkers. Whether you’re interested in Universal Design, or you’re just interested in making everyday living easier, our collection of house plans with elevators is definitely worth checking out. An elevator works especially well for a multilevel home built on a narrow lot, where you may want two or even three stories to maximize the land. Another smart use of an elevator is for vacation homes in scenic waterfront locations, where the top floors have the best views. Ride the elevator up to the rooftop with appetizers in hand and enjoy the coastal views from above. Need to make modifications for ADA compliance or other accessibility issues? Our modification department can help.

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