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Floor Plans with Fireplace

What’s the easiest way to add drama and focus to your living room? A fireplace! These floor plans all deliver at least one cozy fireplace, and some have more. Outdoor fireplaces make a porch, patio, or lanai usable in multiple seasons, especially if the space is screened. In some traditional designs, an intimate room with a fireplace near the kitchen is called a hearth room and invites cozy chats with friends over a cup of tea. You’ll even find some homes with fireplaces adding romance to the master suite. Love creating warm ambiance during the holidays? Consider a floor plan with the fireplace in the great room. For extra drama, a two-sided, three-sided, or see-through fireplace creates a dazzling focal point. Gas fireplaces are easy to use and maintain, but some homeowners may prefer the alluring crackle of a real wood fireplace. Electric models add versatility for use in many rooms. For a more eco-friendly choice, consider a fireplace that uses ethanol. Explore this hot collection to find your perfect match.

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