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1 1/2 Story

1 1/2 Story House Plans
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1 Bedroom House Plans

Some homes aim for simplicity, an intimate space to rest for busy people on the go. A one-bedroom home plan may be perfect for a vacation retreat, a small cottage in the woods at a hunting camp or a fishing hut by the sea. One bedroom house plans also work for guest houses or pool houses. House styles that lend themselves well to a one-bedroom interpretation include cabins, bungalows, cottages, and ranch homes. If this home is an add-on to a larger structure, consider incorporating some of the same architectural elements to provide cohesiveness. An open layout makes the most of every square foot in a one bedroom house plan. Some homes, especially A-frames or cottages, may have a loft above to create more space for storage or guests. For additional living space, build a deck out back that takes advantage of vacation views. A garage apartment may have a second-story deck that overlooks the rear yard.
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1 Story House Plans

One story house plans are convenient and economical, as a more simple structural design reduces building material costs. Single story house plans are also more eco-friendly because it takes less energy to heat and cool, as energy does not dissipate throughout a second level. Because they are well suited to aging in place, 1 story house plans are better suited for Universal Design. The number of stairs is minimized or eliminated, making it easier to navigate the home on foot or in a wheelchair, and one level makes for easier upkeep. Although one story house plans can be compact, square footage does not have to be minimal. Ranch homes can be rambling on a wide lot, as can Mediterranean homes that feature courtyards and plenty of outdoor living space. Styles better suited to a smaller one story home are Cape Cod, Cottage, and Bungalow, which are quaint and cozy with distinct architectural details. Single story house plans often need to be constructed on a larger lot, as it takes more land to build out rather than up, but this could be the perfect opportunity to maximize outdoor living space. Add a large patio at the rear, or possibly a pool to entertain children and guests.
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2 Bedroom House Plans

Two-bedroom floor plans are perfect for empty nesters, singles, couples, or young families buying their first home. There is less upkeep in a smaller home, but two bedrooms still allow enough space for a guest room, nursery, or office. One bedroom is usually larger, serving as the master suite for the homeowners. Two bedroom home plans may have the master suite on the main level, with the second bedroom upstairs or on a lower level with an auxiliary den and private bath. Alternatively, a one story home plan will have living space and bedrooms all on one level, providing a house that is accessible and convenient. This may be the best layout for an aging population to avoid excessive stairs and to ease the burden of upkeep. Many house styles can be built as a two-bedroom home, but the most common are ranch, Cape Cod, bungalow, cottage and Tidewater. These styles of homes tend to have a smaller floor plan with less square footage. The exterior can be designed with charming details to accentuate the smaller scale of the home, such as a front portico or entry porch. Add shutters, dormers, decorative stonework, or shingles to present a welcoming façade. Many vacation homes also work well with a 2 bedroom plan, since smaller homes require less routine maintenance, giving you more time to relax. Place one bedroom on the main level and build a second-story loft to house the other bedroom, or utilize attic space with dormers to create a cozy refuge for children. Outdoor living space will make two-bedroom homes feel larger, as a rear deck or porch will be an extension of the home for entertaining and relaxation.
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2 Story House Plans

Make efficient use of your lot by building up. A more modern take on the two story house plan places the master suite on the main level, making it easy to age in place later. Some 2 story house plans also feature basements that can be finished to hold more room for entertaining guests, including wet bars, exercise rooms, and more. As you can see, two story house plans are very flexible and well suited to a variety of living situations. We typically think of a single family home in the context of a large family home, but many cities boast townhomes and row houses with compact footprints for narrow lots. These can provide the convenience of two floors without the hassle of a large yard. In cities with minimal space, building up rather than out is a more affordable way to gain square footage and uses the land more efficiently. Almost any style of home can be built as a two story residence, whether contemporary, Craftsman, or traditional. Some styles, like farmhouses, usually have two stories. Inside, the sky is the limit. 2 story home plans can have open concept designs which make smart use of space, especially with island kitchens that provide casual seating at the snack bar. Like a more traditional arrangement with a formal living room? We have that, too. Take a look at our collection of 2 story floor plans and find the perfect 2 story house plan today.
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3 Bedroom House Plans

3 bedroom floor plans are very popular, and it's easy to see why. The versatility of having three bedrooms makes this configuration a great choice for all kinds of families: young families, empty nesters who want a place for their kids to stay when they visit, partners who each want an office…there are many possibilities! A ranch or Cape Cod home may have bedrooms and living space all on one level for convenience and family connectivity. Alternatively, choose a two-story home such as a traditional or Colonial style that often has bedrooms on the second floor and living space below. The master suite can always be placed on the first floor for privacy. You may choose to build an open concept design with the kitchen, dining, and living areas easily accessible. This provides an ideal setting for families to gather while cooking or doing homework, and also makes entertaining easy. Or, perhaps you prefer a more traditional layout, with a separate dining room, living room, and den that allow for distinct formal and informal rooms. If you often have dinner parties, a dining room with access to the kitchen may be the best solution. Exterior details will set your home apart. 3 bedroom house plans can be built in any style, so choose architectural elements that fit your design aesthetic and budget. A ranch home may have simple lines and lack of embellishment, presenting a clean façade, while farmhouse will boast generous porch space for outdoor living. Whatever style you choose, you will have a home that is spacious and budget friendly.
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3 Story House Plans

In-town living within the nation's most populated urban areas is made possible with 3+ story floor plans. Cities like New York, Boston, and San Francisco have limited land to accommodate a large and growing population. Density must be addressed, and the most economical and eco-friendly option is to build housing that is 3 or more stories. Building up rather than out minimizes land use and allows housing on a narrow lot. Alternatively, large suburban lots have room for a sprawling home that takes advantage of the luxuries of space. Styles well suited to a 3 story plan are farmhouses, Craftsman homes, and houses built on a sloping lot. Split level homes are usually three levels, with each floor being separated by only a few stairs. This allows for private sleeping, living and entertainment space within a smaller floor plan. Luxury homes such as Victorian styles or mansions have grand living spaces with a second floor for bedrooms and often a third floor that makes use of attic space, turrets and various other nooks for additional rooms. Another popular option for 3 story house plans is to build on a sloping lot to accommodate a walkout basement where both sleeping quarters and entertainment areas can be placed. The kitchen and living areas will be located on the main level, with bedrooms on the second level for privacy. The lower level often opens to a large patio and may feature a home theater, game room or bar for superb entertaining. Building on a waterfront lot? Vacation homes benefit from having multiple stories, since that gives you more height to take advantage of a spectacular view.
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4 Bedroom House Plans

As lifestyles become busier for established families with older children, they may be ready to move up to a four bedroom home. 4 bedroom house plans usually allow each child to have their own room, with a generous master suite and possibly a guest room. Empty nesters may also choose to remain in a larger home to allow room for house guests as their extended family grows, or as elderly relatives come to live with them. Some four bedroom homes include in-law suites or apartments. Living on one level is still possible with a rambling ranch home, but four bedroom house plans are often two stories. The master suite may be on the main level or in an opposite wing from secondary bedrooms for privacy. Since they are primarily designed with families in mind, four bedroom floor plans will often have open floor plans with plenty of spaces for the family to gather as well as retreat for homework and downtime. Bonus rooms may be found above the garage or on the lower level to expand as needs demand.
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5 Bedroom House Plans

If you’ve got a large family or lots of frequent visitors, check out this collection of 5 bedroom house plans. From modern farmhouses to luxurious one-story designs, there are endless possibilities with a home of this size. Most of these 5 bedroom house plan designs spread out over two or more stories, some with finished basements. Children will have rooms of their own in a 5 bedroom house plan, as well as space to roam and enjoy family time in the open gathering areas. With so many people under one roof, auxiliary rooms such as a mudrooms and laundry, studies and butler's pantries may be welcome additions. That said, there are many wonderful ways to fit five bedrooms into a more modest home. Open layouts make the most of any size home, from small to large. Filter by square footage to find the perfect five bedroom floor plan for you.
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6 Bedroom

6 Bedroom House Plans
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7 Bedroom

7 Bedroom House Plans
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