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3 Bedroom Floor Plans, Layouts, House Plans & Designs

3 bedroom floor plans are very popular, and it's easy to see why. The versatility of having three bedrooms makes this configuration a great choice for all kinds of families: young families, empty nesters who want a place for their kids to stay when they visit, partners who each want an office…there are many possibilities! A ranch or Cape Cod home may have bedrooms and living space all on one level for convenience and family connectivity. Alternatively, choose a two-story home such as a traditional or Colonial style that often has bedrooms on the second floor and living space below. The master suite can always be placed on the first floor for privacy. You may choose to build an open concept design with the kitchen, dining, and living areas easily accessible. This provides an ideal setting for families to gather while cooking or doing homework, and also makes entertaining easy. Or, perhaps you prefer a more traditional layout, with a separate dining room, living room, and den that allow for distinct formal and informal rooms. If you often have dinner parties, a dining room with access to the kitchen may be the best solution. Exterior details will set your home apart. 3 bedroom house plans can be built in any style, so choose architectural elements that fit your design aesthetic and budget. A ranch home may have simple lines and lack of embellishment, presenting a clean façade, while farmhouse will boast generous porch space for outdoor living. Whatever style you choose, you will have a home that is spacious and budget friendly.