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Neoclassical Floor Plans

In the early 1900's, classical styles were revived in response to the eclectic Victorian styles that had dominated architecture in the late 19th century. Many monuments and public buildings were constructed in this style, as it has an air of dignity, grace, and permanence. This style translated well to large urban estates, where a luxurious home with two-story columns and a stately symmetrical façade became the style of choice. Elements of both colonial and classical architecture were incorporated into these modern home floor plans and are still used widely in modern construction. Today, you can build a grand winged estate or plan for a smaller home that encompasses the architectural details of this classic style. The roofline of a Neoclassical home is often flat or side-gabled with a very low pitch and usually features a heavy cornice. A center front gable is almost always present and supports a two-story columned portico with classical columns of the Ionic or Corinthian order. These columns tend to be thinner than those found in the Greek Revival style, but are no less stately. The door will be surrounded by an elaborate frame and flanked by sidelights and a transom above. Windows are usually double-hung sash with decorative trim that may feature pilasters, a pediment, or a lintel. Symmetrical projecting wings are common in these Neoclassical and modern home floor plans and make expansion easy for growing families. A Neoclassical floor plan is usually symmetrical and square. In the future you may wish to build an extension at the rear, which adds space while maintaining the classic, columned façade, or increase living space by constructing side wings for a luxurious master suite on one side and spacious kitchen on the other. A traditional interior floor plan with rooms flanking a center hall would work well with this style, allowing for a separate living room, dining room, den, and kitchen. Alternatively, the first-floor rooms could be included in a large open plan, with the second floor housing bedrooms off the hall.

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