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Shed Style Home Floor Plans

Shed style emerged in the late 1960s and 1970s as a discrete variant of contemporary home design. Its distinguishing feature is its roof; instead of a traditional gable form (a symmetrical peak), the roof is composed of one or more planes, often set at different angles. Asymmetry is a given, as the volumes below take the form of several geometric shapes grouped together. Windows are expansive, with a variety of shapes and sizes, while exterior materials range from wood siding to brick, stone, and stucco. Shed home floor plans are generally open in reflection of the unusual spaces and volumes of the home and to draw nature in through the many windows. Shed house plans are gaining in popularity once again as modern homes tackle the challenge of eco-friendly design. The many-planed roofs can support solar panels; windows can be placed exactly where needed and eave width can vary to play into a passive heating and cooling strategy.

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