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Low Country Floor Plans

Low Country homes speak of relaxation and warmth. This vernacular style arose in the coastal Carolinas, displaying unique features adapted for the hot, humid climate. Wide porches that shade the interior from the sun and other features that enhance natural ventilation make it an eco-friendly choice for Southern regions. Low Country, or Tidewater house plans as they are sometimes called, are always built over a crawlspace or even a pier foundation to protect the home from coastal flooding. Low Country house plans share many features with Country and Farmhouse style plans, such as expansive porches and patios. Exterior details of Low Country homes are simple and restrained. Plain columns support the porch, shutters may shield the windows, and dormers may indicate a half-story under the roof or just a way to ventilate the main level. Exterior cladding is most often clapboard siding. A hipped or side-gable roof may be constructed from standing-seam metal for a traditional, rustic look. Often built as vacation homes, Low Country floor plans are casual and open, offering plenty of bedrooms and spaces to gather as well as retreat. Within this category you will also find Plantation house plans. Plantation floor plans are typically two stories and feature grand elements like tall windows and full-width porches at both the front and rear, supported by two story columns. Plantation home plans, like Low Country or Tidewater house plans, have a unique bond to the land, as they too are usually built in low-lying coastal regions and are surrounded by open land.

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