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Adobe Style Floor Plans, House Plans & Designs

Live in a hot climate? If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this collection you’ll find Southwest house plans (sometimes called Southwestern style floor plans), Mission style floor plans and Adobe house plans. The Adobe (or Pueblo) style is derived from a mixture of architectural influences from Santa Fe and elsewhere in the Southwest and relies heavily on stucco construction, a flat roof, and rounded edges. The use of local building materials and horizontal orientation allow these. The stucco construction will usually be of earth-colored tones, the color of the desert sand. Decorative features often found on Southwest homes, including Adobe style homes, are wooden beams projecting from the roofline, hand-hewn wood lintels inset above deep window openings, and walls that slope inward. The building edges are soft, with rounded corners and decorative motifs, further blending this style of home into the surrounding Southwest landscape. If possible, consider taking advantage of the flat roof by using it as outdoor living space or a roof-top garden. Adobe house plans often have an entrance marked by an elaborate gate, through which you may find a full-width front porch with unpainted wood columns and a heavy iron door leading inside. The interior floor plan of Adobe style homes should be open so the dry, Southwestern desert air can flow easily throughout. Adobe floor plans have rooms that are usually located on one level, with the potential for creative use of space such as open lofts where the roofline steps up. Courtyards are often placed at the rear of Adobe house plans to provide shade gardens and private outdoor living space. Interior decor is often utilitarian with tile or brick floors, hand-hewn wood columns, and adobe fireplaces. Due to its highly stylistic and regional nature, this house type is perfect for utilizing local materials and displaying indigenous Southwestern art. Other styles found throughout the Southwest (especially New Mexico and Arizona) include Mediterranean and Spanish. Related collections: Mediterranean House Plans and House Plans with Courtyard.

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