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This style of home was popularized in the late 19th century during the Industrial Revolution, when the expanding railroads allowed pre-cut architectural details to become available through much of the nation. The vision of a Victorian home is quintessential Americana, as they were built throughout the country in both urban areas and on large rural lots, with the Southeast and West Coast holding the finest examples of high-style Queen Anne architecture. No matter where you are building your home today, your Queen Anne residence will add whimsy and charm to the neighborhood.

There are numerous architectural elements that set this style apart. A Queen Anne is almost always two stories or more, often with turrets and attic dormers creating cozy spaces on the third floor. That being said, a vernacular Queen Anne home may be one story and only feature a few of the high-style architectural elements. A wide front porch, often wraparound, is ornamented with brackets, spindlework banisters, and gingerbread detailing at the roofline. The roof is steeply pitched with irregular shapes and often features a wide front gable featuring decorative details such as wood shingles, half-timbering, or a sunburst motif.

Color is used freely and in many different combinations, allowing the various architectural elements to stand out. Large Queen Anne homes with elaborate paint jobs are often referred to as Painted Ladies. Finials, turrets, patterned masonry, brackets, and bay windows are all devices used to present an asymmetrical and highly stylistic façade. While the majority of these exterior details are more fanciful, windows and doors are unadorned with one-over-one double hung sashes and a simple paneled door. Today’s Queen Anne floor plans are much more conducive to an open layout, but will still feature cozy nooks for those that like to get away from it all.

Floor Plan AFLFPW09053 - 2 Story Home - 2 Baths

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