Spanish Style Floor Plans

Spanish style floor plans range from smaller one-story ranches to large luxury homes and are usually asymmetrical for an interesting façade. The roofs are low-pitched or even flat and are almost always covered with trademark terracotta tiles that are very heat tolerant and can withstand the strong Southern sun where these homes are often built. Typically there is an arcade with a series of arched openings supported by columns and arched windows creating drama both inside and out. Stucco often covers the exterior, creating a striking contrast to the red tile roof.

Interior elements such as vaulted ceilings, columns, and archways define living areas while maintaining a breezy and open feel. Site the living areas as close as possible to the rear yard, because warm afternoon air and cool night breezes will draw guests to your outside living area. Build a covered lanai or enclosed courtyard and landscape with palm trees, cacti, and other drought tolerant plants. Install a chiminea or full fireplace to add another architectural element and warm guests on cool nights. For the ultimate in luxury, construct a full outdoor kitchen with grill, stove, and refrigerator for the greatest of ease in outdoor entertaining.

Floor Plan AFLFPW08952 - 1 Story Home - 4 Baths

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