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Built in a style derived from traditional English homes, Colonial homes reflect the earliest architectural traditions of the New World. They generally take the form of a simple rectangle, with emphasis on the entryway. The true Colonial styles developed during America's early years were later reinvented and adapted to new building techniques and materials, such that most of the "Colonial" homes we see today are more appropriately called Colonial Revival, a movement that began in the late 19th century and continues today. Their simple grace and time-honored tradition have timeless mass appeal.

Colonial homes are symmetrical, with side-gable roofs and chimneys either centered or on either end. The centered entry usually has a small pediment above the door, which evolved into more columned porticos as the style developed. Double-hung sash windows are often placed in pairs and accented with shutters. Although brick is the material most associated with the Colonial style, wood siding is a suitable alternative and retains the traditional feel.

Traditional styling often defines the interior as well, with a center hall flanked by formal living and dining rooms. Many recent plans, however, boast open layouts more characteristic of modern tastes, with great rooms that are open to the kitchen and dining areas, main level master suites, and other amenities required by today's families.

Floor Plan AFLFPW75198 - 2 Story Home - 3 Baths

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