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Our loved ones are living longer, healthier lives and wish to maintain a flexible and independent lifestyle, but the burden of living alone is often too stressful. As the life span of our population increases, there is going to be a growing dependence on extended family to assist with their aging relatives. Building a home with an in-law suite is not only a good economic investment, but is essential for elder care.

Traditionally and in many countries today, several generations of family live under one roof and depend on each other for care. The grandparents often help raise the young children, and the adults help the grandparents through their elder years. This interdependence builds strong family bonds and teaches children family values. An in-law suite is the perfect solution to provide privacy and independence while maintaining close proximity to loved ones.

Zoning laws vary from city to city, but in some locations a detached building is permissible and can house the in-law suite. There may be an apartment above a detached garage or a separate cottage at the rear of the house. Another option could be a separate apartment on the lower level or an entire wing devoted to the in-law suite. Plan for at least a private bedroom and bathroom with easy access. Some in-law suites will even have a private kitchen and living room, and perhaps a balcony or a patio on a lower-level apartment. An in-law suite may also be used to house older children (like a returned college student) or depending on local laws, be used for rental income.

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