Elevators are gaining in popularity as the elderly population increases and homeowners need a safe way to access different levels of their home. Density is also becoming a widespread issue in city planning, as a shortage of land is encouraging developers to build up rather than out. Therefore, a multi-family floor plan such as an apartment building or even a town home may have an elevator for handicap accessibility and easier access for the general population. Another smart use of the elevator is for vacation homes in scenic locations, where the top floors have the best views. Ride the elevator up to the rooftop with appetizers in hand and enjoy the views from above.

Modern elevators easily blend into the décor of a home, as they essentially appear to be a normal door. There is a wide selection of fixtures and finishes to complement the home’s décor so your elevator can be as simple or opulent as you wish. They are space efficient, essentially only taking up the space of a closet, and have machine room-free technology so the mechanics are all internal.

Elevators are much safer than stairs, especially for the elderly and disabled. You can easily carry laundry, groceries and furniture from floor to floor with the convenience of an in-home elevator. The elevator should be placed centrally, near a stairwell that you would normally take to different levels. Any multi-level home would be appropriate for a modern and convenient elevator.

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