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Make Design Decisions Based On Providing a Healthy Environment and Building With Sustainability in Mind

Green building is currently the hottest trend in the building industry, and it is sure to stick around as non-renewable energy resources are depleted and we become more aware of our environment. Every homeowner can make design decisions based on providing a healthy environment and building with sustainability in mind. Choose a house plan with the goal of creating a straight forward, low-maintenance and budget-friendly home that is warm and inviting, with multi-functional spaces for easy entertaining. Make every decision with sustainability, budget and aesthetics in mind for a home that is built with materials that will last indefinitely and are beautiful in their own right.

Some homeowners may wish to seek LEED certification for their eco-friendly home, which is a robust program addressing every aspect of a building’s envelope, systems and finishes, and is based on an eight-category system with the goal of building a home that is not only sustainable, but healthy to live in. There are eight categories including energy efficiency, water use, green materials, air quality and building on a sustainable site. Even if you do not wish to seek certification, every homeowner can use this program as a guide to building a truly eco-friendly home.

When choosing your house plan the building envelope and sustainable systems are key to energy efficiency. The main living areas of the house should be South-facing with a wall of glass to provide maximum daylight to the interior. This orientation acts as a heat collection and storage system in the spring and fall. In the summer, protect the windows and floors from the sun by exterior overhangs. Other simple energy efficient items are dual flush toilets as well as low-flow faucets and showerheads. Landscape with drought tolerant, native plants and chose building materials that are locally harvested or manufactured. Whether seeking LEED for Homes certification or simply attempting the goal of a sustainable home, there are a plethora of resources and more options arriving in the future to help in achieving this worthy goal.

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