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Build an Economical Vacation Home with a Modern Twist

A-Frame homes are a contemporary, folk style of home reminiscent of a Swiss chalet that would be perfect in a mountain setting or by the sea. The shape is that of a triangle, hence the A-Frame, with a steeply pitched roofline sloping almost to ground level. This roof-type is especially helpful in northern climates where the steep slope helps heavy snow slide to the ground rather than piling on the roof. This style of home usually features a wraparound deck and a massive wall of windows on either gable end, almost begging to be sited on a glorious piece of land. Draw nature in further by using local exterior materials such as stone and wood.

A-Frame houses are fairly easy to construct due to the fact that all sidewalls and roof-wall junctions are omitted so that the gable of the roof is essentially the façade. Interior space planning is a little more complicated as walls are sloped, leaving seemingly dead space. With creative use of these areas, there are plenty of options for generous storage space, built-ins and loft-like rooms.

The house plan may be 1 ½ stories to 2 ½ stories , but generally an A-Frame is one large open space with living areas below and a loft above for sleeping quarters. The ceiling can be left open to the rafters, further accentuating the A-Frame’s stylistic details, or closed-in for a more traditional look. Whether you decide to build by the coast or on a mountain top, your new home will be inviting, modern and economical.

Similar Styles: Bungalow, Chalet, Coastal, Contemporary, Cottage.

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